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Many people are finding that they like our web-based Codes On Line.  That's right, our full code program is available on a subscription basis on the web for only $59 a year.  You can run it from Netscape, Internet Explorer, and even from a Mac or from Linux.  All you need is your internet browser.  If you want another opinion when it comes to codes, here's an inexpensive way to get ours.

Here's still another option:  Forget the computer entirely and look up codes on your cell phone.  Access our codes from your iPhone, Android, or even an older WAP-enabled cell phone!  Subscribe to our Codes On Line and use your cell phone and your browser to look up codes.

We've also put KBX, our comprehensive key blank cross-reference, on the web.  It contains over 88,000 blanks and more than 4500 pictures of key blanks.  Subscribe to it for only $20 per year.

Our latest addition:  FILL On Line, available for both browsers and web-enabled cell phones.  $25 per year.  With codes and progression available on your cell phone, you may not even need a computer on your service vehicle!


Our interactive site at also has a pinning calculator for Small Format Interchangeable Cores, which shows you how to pin any SFIC, including master and change keys, and including master keying at the control level.   The site also has a listing of names found on locks which indicates what key blank might be used with each name.

Do you want to know how many different keys can be made for a lock?  Try the combination counter, also at

The pinning calculator, names listing, and combination counter are all free.

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