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Codes On Line

Our full code program covers automobiles, office furniture, padlocks, tonneau covers, utility locks, switches, lockers, and more. It has thousands of code series and millions of codes, serving the locksmith trade since 1991.

Access it through your computer or cell phone --- any device that has a web browser. Just point the browser to the opening screen and enter a code number. Select the series of your choice and your favorite space/depth information. Print a code card if you need one.

KBX On Line

KBX is the best key blank cross-reference available, containing over 85,000 blanks and over 4500 pictures. We've been adding to this program every year since 1988. Old blanks and new blanks are grouped with their equivalents, separated by length, bow material, and other distinctions.

A second version of this program has an extra feature which lets you add your own label to any group of blanks. Use it to store your hook numbers or any other description that helps you with your blanks.

FILL On Line

Our popular progression program helps you make the first key for a car when only some of the cuts are known. Simply enter the known cuts and specify which ones you are missing.

FILL searches the code series used on that car for all possible factory-issued combinations. It then displays a progression chart so that you can efficiently complete the key.

You can also enter tryout key combinations and get back to accurate depths used. Any time that you are uncertain of a depth, you can put in a symbol that searches for either of two depths in that position.

FILL also includes reverse auto codes, so that you can find a code number that leads back to a key that you've found.

Pin It Now!

This pinning calculator determines what pins to use in a cylinder. Tell it what keys you want to operate and it produces the pinning chart.

It does the same thing as our SFIC program, except for many more types of cylinders, including many Corbin/Russwin types, Sargent, as well as Best and simpler types. In addition, for cylinders using .115 diameter pins it gives you the correct pins to use from your .003 or .005 pinning kit.

Note:  This is NOT a master keying program. It is an aid in pinning. It is free to all subscribers to any of the above Codes, KBX, or FILL On Line.

These programs are available by subscription at